At Volume Salon we know how easy it is to look at images of perfect hair on Instagram and think "I could never have hair like that." Think again! Whether you want an on-trend grey ombre or a natural and striking shadow root hair job, our stylists have the expertise to help you achieve the colour of your dreams.


Quality Colour Treatments to Keep Hair Healthy

We always use the best products because we know that a quality product equals a quality style that will make you look and feel great. Check out our Olaplex treatment, an amazing combination of chemistry and artistry that makes your hair stronger after colouring treatment than it was before.

Our toner treatment will prepare your hair for colouring, brighten your existing look, or give your existing colour a richer appearance. And rest assured that our colour stylists will not let you walk out the door unless your hair is just the way you want it.

Our foil treatment for men or women is the perfect way to achieve highlights that look natural or a shadow root hairstyle that will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Give your hair a subtle adjustment that will keep people guessing, or go for a dramatic change that will keep every eye on you.


Hair Colouring and Styling

If you need to look your best, whether with an updo or a special wave for prom night, we can help you realise your dream. In consultation with our stylists, you can choose a weatherproof look that highlights your face and lets you step out in confidence.

Whether you want your hair colour to be bold like a denim blue and grey ombre or something natural and unobtrusive, our stylists are masters of their technique. They want you to have the perfect look for your hair, face, and lifestyle. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an expert.