When you're planning to colour or highlight your hair, it can be easy to be put off by all the hairdressing terms. This short and sweet troubleshooting guide is designed to help clarify the difference between some different highlighting techniques.

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Foil Highlights by Skilled Edmonton Hair stylists

Highlights are applied to very small sections of hair and are applied along the whole length of the hair from root to tip. Carefully applied foil highlights provide wonderful depth to the look of your hair, and can be used to bring out particular tones in your natural hair colour.

Our Edmonton hair stylists regularly give auburn highlights to enhance the red tones in brunette hair, or honey-coloured highlights to lighten a dark blonde. Foil highlights use aluminium foil to saturate the colour, meaning that highlights are often a more intense colour than balayage. Because highlights are applied along the whole length of the hair, the roots will require some touching up as the hair grows.


Balayage Highlights at Volume Salon Edmonton

Balayage comes from a French word meaning “to sweep” or “to paint.” With balayage highlights, the stylist applies dye to the head freehand in wide strokes, usually beginning midway along the length of the hair. Balayage highights can be used to give a subtle change of look to your hair or can be used to give a pop of colour. This technique is also often lower maintenance than highlights, as there is no real need for touch-ups as the hair grows.

What about Ombre? Is that the same as Balayage highlights?

The results of ombre dye and balayage highlights may look very similar in practice. However, ombre is a way of dying the whole head graduating from dark to light along its length, whereas balayage is a colour highlight added to the lower half of the hair.

Though foil highlights and balayage highlights are different, they are both great options if you want to give your look a lift. If you're looking for an expert hair stylist, Edmonton is the home of Volume Salons where expert hair stylists can help you decide which style is right for you.